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Email: jymix0@grimagix.com
Or send a Facebook message to my Dreams Over Zero page

Most of my original pieces are available for sale, so if you'd like to own the actual thing that I made, send me a note. If you want these designs on coffee mugs, t-shirts, shower curtains, or even as a print that hangs on the wall JUST LIKE REAL ART, please visit my Dreams Over Zero Society6 Shop!

Maybe you don't want to buy any art right now?
Maybe you just want to give me some money?

That's really nice of you!

I'm on Patreon, a site that allows lovers of art to support the artists they love with small (or large) donations. You'll see behind-the-scenes shots there, sneak peeks of some of my work before it shows up here, and some supporters can even get access to work that will never appear on this site.

Here's my Patreon page...thanks for looking!

Thank you to Corvin Blacke of Mixed Debris Photography for all the great shots of me and my art!